Blogs are not my thing...

A lot has changed it the last few years. I've expanded my tool stash considerably. New techniques are possible and may things have been made easier. Then there's just that inescapable lust for tools and gadgets! I've also discovered silver clay. 'Easy!' I thought, 'I'm a time served silver & goldsmith". Nope, not easy, not even a little bit. In fact all my training and experience worked against me, I don't 'think clay'. A lovely online course followed, then another, it has become a little addictive. However, I'm getting the hang of the clay and enjoying new possibilities that are opening up. Memorial pieces for pets (& humans!) are becoming a big part of my work of late. It's immensely satisfying work, giving people a little joy at often sad times. The silver clay is excellent for this work too.


Out of the workshop things are busy too. Well there was covid. I've had it twice now and unimpressed to say the least. Enough said on that subject. Otherwise I seem to have collected ponies, 2 highlands and now 2 miniature ponies. Add in a new ridgeback puppy (which makes 3 of them now) and it's nothing short of miraculous I ever get any work done let alone write blogs!


So here we are at the end of 2022, another year vanished at high speed. If you need me for Christmas shopping 🛍 I'm here for you. Furiously working on commissions and stock for fairs. So get in touch if you need anything.


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year - Love and Light