Update · 06. November 2022
Blogs are not my thing...
A bit of a catch up on what's been going on
11. November 2018
Some may have noticed I’ve been quiet of late? No? Well I’m still going to pretend you’ve all noticed and been wondering why. You have nothing better to do - do you 😉 Well we have moved house, horse, lock, stock and barrel. Horse you say? Yes I have one and now we have a field for her, two in fact! Plus a stable with nice big store room perfect for a workshop, big enough even for my other half to have his own workshop too. I’ve had to promise he won’t come back from sea to find...
Fabrication Process · 18. March 2018
The fabrication process for a pair of pearl drop earrings. A little insight to what's involved in creating a piece of jewellery by traditional craftsman's skills. I use many tools and techniques that have remained unchanged for hundreds of years.
16. November 2017
Life goes full circle and I find myself back where I began