Heartprints at Weddog Design

Horses, dogs, cats we have known and loved - they all still have a place in our hearts and minds.  Animals become part of our home and family, I consider it a privilege to help you save memories of those still with us and permanent reminders of those we have lost.  


Your pet's hair or ashes can be preserved in resin which can be incorporated into almost any style of jewellery you or I can imagine. Virtually anything can be preserved in resin to create a truly unique reminder of your pet in silver or gold.


Your pet's actual paw or hoof print can be scaled down and re-created in silver. Or even human ones; fingerprints, baby feet or hand prints. Or perhaps your dog's nose print as a silver charm. The possibilities are endless. 


Please contact me with your needs and thoughts, together we can make your perfect keepsake.


For horse lovers; I use Kumihimo, a Japanese technique, to braid horse tail hair into bracelets, completed with sterling silver end caps, clasps and accent beads or charms. Information on ordering and preparing the hair is detailed below.


A few example of past keepsake commissions

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Choose your thickness, length, simple catch or with charm accents, such as a heart or star. Alternatively I can design and make something special if you have an idea. Prices range from £40 for simple bracelets to £50 one with a charm. Hand made charms would be dependant on time and materials involved. These bracelets are all braided by hand to order - so can be customised to your own desires

Preparing Horse Hair

I will need at least a 14 inch length of hair about a finger thickness. Within any sample of a horse’s tail hair there will inevitably be a lot of shorter hairs that  will not be usable, so the thicker and longer the hair sample you send the better. When you have taken the hair from your horse’s tail, secure it at one end with a rubber band. Wash the hair thoroughly with human or horse shampoo, but do NOT use any sprays, such as mane and tail conditioner. Please just wash the hair, rinse thoroughly then fully air dry. 

In Memoriam